Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halo everyone!

MTC is great. In my class, I have 1 elder from Congo, 1 from Congo and 1 from Mexico. The one from Congo is my companion. We get along very well. The elder from Mexico has been in the church for only 5 years, and out of that, active for only 2. But his understanding and knowledge of the gospel is amazing. He understands how the church works almost to the dot, and knows really a lot. He said he learnt everything at seminary and institute.

My companion and I stay in a building called 4M on the 4th floor room 443. We stay with 2 others a bit senior to us, from France and Germany. We get along well.

There are many rules at the MTC. But all are good and can be followed quite easily. The people here are very nice, and kind, and loving. Everytime we pass by someone while walking from one place to another, we greet each other, whether we know them or not. And the Elders show the utmost respect for the Sisters. For example, at the cafeteria, when we sit to eat, if asister comes to sit at the same table as elders (the tables are very very long), we have to stand until they sit, even if we are eating. And when walking into or out of any building, we have to hold the doors open for them. The teachers here are very helpful too. They are mostly returned missionaries, studying and teaching at the MTC part time. I have 2 teaches, Bro Nelson and Sister Cullimore. Then there are senior couples, who do some of the office work and are in-charge of branches. There are about 56 branches at the MTC, each consisting of some 8 people. In total, there are about 2000-3000 missionaries in total at the MTC. And on my 1st Sunday at the MTC, I was called as a zone leader. I received the letter signed from President Boone, president of the MTC. I'm learning the duties of a zone leader now.

There is quite a bit to do everyday. Our time tables are packed with activities and lessons. We have classroom instruction (teacher comes to teach), TRC (Teaching Resource Center - we practise teaching 'pretending' investigators), TE (Teaching evaluation, where we teach a teacher we don't know and we are evaluated), RC (Referral Center- We accept and make calls in the MTC from anyone wanting something from the church. We have 1 hour gym everyday.

I have only 5 mins left now. Have to go. I love you all. I'm learning so much here, about the church, and about myself. I'm glad that I came here. Oh, and by the way, as it is said, the cafeteria has TONS of food. Burgers, hotdogs, pizza, salad, fruit juices, soft drinks, mexican food, asian food, cereal,...

And the spirit is so strong at the MTC. Please send my love also to everyone at church.

Love you ll, take care.

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In October 2008, I started a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Colorado North Denver Mission. The mission field includes sections of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska. I started a three week training at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on the 7th.October 2008 and shall be leaving to the mission field on the 27th.October 2008.